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well beyond our expectations

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We tried doing everything ourselves until we realized how much went behind the planning, and the big day. Hiring Sharon was the best decision that we could have made. She thought of so many things that didn’t even cross our minds…especially a time line. What Sharon did for us was well beyond our expectations, and our venue morphed into something unimaginable because of her. I let Sharon take full control. She would always ask my opinion and my response was, “Do what you think is best.” She did just that, and I wouldn’t have had this any other way. I would highly recommend her to any future bride out there, because without her our day wouldn’t have been possible. 
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Meet the planner - Sharon Rumsey

Take a breath, I've Got you!

So glad you stopped by to check us out! You’re here…so that must mean that you are planning a wedding.  You have a billzillion ideas, you have been on Pinterest for months, read all the blogs and you’re ready for YOUR day! You’ve listened to opinions from family and friends, you’ve got a true vision of what you want. This one is yours, your most special day, and you want it perfect! You should! I understand, I 100% know how you’re feeling.                                      

You want to enjoy your day, you want your family and your friends to enjoy your day, but how do you make it all come together in the middle of hair and makeup?!? You want to relish in this time and enjoy, but you find yourself too busy with contracts and DETAILS! Planning an event can be fun, but it can also become chaotic and overwhelming, that’s why you need A Perfect Plan.  Let me bring it all together!

 I’m Sharon, it’s my dream job to help people with managing their wedding event. I love it, all of it!


Stress free wedding planning

It does exist! 


Wedding planning is stressful, we get it! Each wedding comes with it’s own unique challenges and triumphs. It’s own set of family and friends, vendors and venues. Whatever needs figured out, we’ve got you!

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In all the wonderful craziness, you want a break! You want to know that you can relax and enjoy your day because someone has your back. Someone is caring about what you want and working behind the scenes to make it happen. So you can enjoy this amazing time stress free!

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How Can We Help?

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